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The best multi-vendor, multi-tenant, web-hosting, security and provisioning software available.

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For the many organizations that are moving towards web service applications, the challenge remains on how to manage and ensure there is secure access to the right applications, by the right people in the proper roles and during the right times. TollGateTM provides the piece of mind to four important groups moving forward with web services and providing web access to applications.

The era of all applications being resident on the "fat" desktop is ending! Application-gorged PCs are already being controlled by centralized application management tools. Additional inroads to the managed desktop are inevitable as improvements in broadband, mobile, and last mile technology are implemented and robust application and web services hosting, from providers with proven track records, proves the previously elusive ROI.

The day is approaching when most enterprises will hold regard for their suite of applications and supporting technology for its business utility and begin managing those services as just that - a collection of web service utilities. Naturally there will be certain applications that have particular strategic importance to the business. Certain portions of those applications will remain within the domain and control of the enterprise, but the way their functionality is consumed will transition to IP based technology.

Certain of the new solutions will eventually erode the control thought to be essential to corporate IT empires. However, organizations are moving to a time when non-critical functionality will be obtained from a centralized source in the same matter-of-fact manner as water, electrical and other utilities. These services will come with a value proposition so strong and unobtrusive that organizations will carry their daily activities without fear of whether these services will be secure, consistent, always available, and able to co-exist with existing applications and data. Four major groups are poised to take advantage of web services and centralized hosting:

  • Business Enterprises - Industry pundits are providing examples of how enterprises are moving en-masse towards providing web services to their staff, partners and customers, through the traditional Intranet or through secure portals. The ROI on these projects are impressive.
  • ISVs - Independent Software Vendors will increase their provisioning and hosting of web service versions of their software products in order to grow their markets while delivering added functionality to existing and new clientele. Providing existing functionality through web services will allow an ISV to exploit their domain expertise in previously unavailable markets.
  • ASPs - The concept of the traditional ASP, providing existing applications in a hosted environment, is evolving to one where they are providers of web services. Many variations of these Service Providers (xSPs) are emerging. Traditional ASPs will exist primarily to host the myriad of managed enterprise legacy applications and, to some extent, provide interfaces to some of the new services. These traditional ASPs are in a period of world wide consolidation and many will be forced to compete for the provisioning of web services with...
  • Service Brokers and Aggregators or OEMs - availability of web services will cause collections of services to be offered singularly, aggregated, and integrated to provide specific value propositions which address specific industry vertical markets as well as non-sophisticated horizontal application requirements of small and medium sized enterprises.

Why Web Services?

Web services will come to you - "the ultimate consumer of the services" through the Internet with many providers sourcing, securing and integrating services so that they appear as an integrated package. Web services are cost justified and are gaining widespread acceptance because of the following business conditions:
  • Application Selection and Subscription ManagementAllocation Management and Self-Provisioning
  • Content Definition and Control
  • Directory and Membership ManagementShortage and consolidation of technical expertise for support
  • Growing comfort with outsourcing models provided Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are maintained and risks are managed appropriately
  • Usage Accounting/Auditing
  • Computer Management
  • Strong ROI
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Desire for speed & efficiencies
  • Performance of web services has become acceptable.
  • Predictable & manageable costs
  • Liberation from traditional applications maintenance and upgrades
  • Opportunity to step away from the "technology treadmill"
  • Relief from technology personnel recruiting, training, development & retention

Why TollGateTM from Apps On The Web?

A barrier to acceptance of web services has been the technical and confidence issues of the user and data security models deployed. Apps On The Web has developed state of the art technology in TollGateTM to manage every aspect of authentication, authorization and rights, in a role-based service application. TollGate´┐Ż represents new and leading technology which ensures that:
  • Enterprises can effectively manage which applications are available, who can use them, and in what capacity individuals have authority to act within those applications - all under the management and control of the enterprise. IT management can delegate user, role, and application access to user management through the self-provisioning aspects of TollGate´┐Ż.
  • ISVs can respond to increasing demand for alternative ways to market and deliver their products in a hosted subscription market. ISVs can host their own web services and applications or allow enterprises and service providers to perform that function for them.
  • ASPs can provide more flexibility, security and higher adherence to their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for their entire customer base while providing the flexibility for subscriber organizations to manage the provisioning of approved applications to their internal users.
  • Service Brokers, Aggregators and OEMs can use TollGateTM to successfully package a suite of applications or web services to meet vertical market requirements for customers with varying business and technical sophistication and resources.
TollGateTM is the best service provisioning and enabling software available - providing the latest in federated identity management capabilities and the centralized management of applications, information and services. Our customers can utilize TollGateTM to manage and deploy a multitude of services using Internet Protocol (IP) as the network medium. The benefits our customers receive are:
  • a unified login for a multi-vendor and often a multi-tenant environment,
  • full deployment of role-based authentication and authorization within each application or web service provided,
  • reduced IT costs through centralized application and web services administration,
  • delegation of administration through self-provisioning, and
  • increased control over access to sensitive applications and data.
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