RealScale Strategic Alliance Partnership
 Updated: 1/21/2003
Apps On The Web announces a Strategic Alliance with RealScale Technologies Inc. to share knowledge, integrate our technologies and perform joint marketing and sales.

Web Services - Executive Briefing from OVUM
 Updated: 1/21/2003
An overview of what Web Services are and an expected implementation time line.

TollGateTM for ISVs

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are moving towards providing their products or components of their products in web services form. Pushed largely through customer demand these ISVs are finding themselves struggling to locate and evaluate standards based integration platforms which allow their products to co-exist in third party environments and still support the role-based security they have incorporated into their products.

As web services become more predominant, ISVs are being asked to provide applications and web services functionality that supports either an intranet or internet delivery model with web services and characteristics such as SSO (Single Sign-on) and unified directory LDAP support. TollGateTM provides these services in a single professional plug-in package that eliminates the need to re-configure role-based authentication, authorization security, subscription management and provisioning for your product to function within a centralized or subscription-based environment.

TollGateTM was designed to be a reference platform for those software vendors looking to rent their applications over the Internet. It provides a consistent view of the subscription process, and focuses on such things as: security and scalability, reliability, and ease of use. Its specifications define objects such as:
  • Subscriber Organizations
  • Organization Subscribers
  • Individual Subscribers
  • Subscription Contracts
  • Subscription Pricing Models
  • Pricing Discount Models
  • Security and Authentication Mechanisms
  • Application Constraint Models.

ISVs will find significant value in how TollGateTM provides:
  • A provisioning platform giving them the ability to offer their products in a subscription or centralized delivery model.
  • Guidance with full and complete plug-ins to a standard security model to enable your products in an environment that supports Microsoft's .NET technology.
  • Supports an alternative delivery methods for your existing software tapping into new markets.
  • Easy integration with all other services through XML and SOAP.
  • An entirely replaceable role-based identity security, rental and delivery management layer for your existing products.
  • Support for billing interfaces unique to your web service requirements.
  • Mechanisms for ISVs to quickly add software as a web service to their core product offerings.
  • Flexible pricing models allow for a very effective sales and marketing plans.
  • Industry-standard technologies which allow for easy integration with your software products and broad market acceptance.
  • Scalability into the millions through its support for directory-enabled applications.
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection through restricting access to source and compiled code. Users have access to the functionality of your services without having access to the code
  • A cost-effective and secure solution to the distribution problem. These savings can be realized as greater profits.

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