RealScale Strategic Alliance Partnership
 Updated: 11/5/2002
Apps On The Web annouces a Strategic Alliance with RealScale Technologies Inc. to share knowledge,integrate our technologies and perfom joint marketing and sales.

TollGateTM for xSPs

The cost-effective and profitable distribution of business services over the Internet on a subscription basis will be predicated upon an efficient, reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure being available to the Application Services Provider (ASP) hosting those applications.
  • TollGateTM is the first and still the best tool for delivering role-based authentication and authorization to applications in a hosted/web service environment.
  • TollGateTM is a foundation product for any Service Provider hosting and provisioning applications for their customers
  • Service providers are shifting from delivering bits to delivering services. TollGateTM is key ASP infrastructure software for managing the catalog, subscription and self-provisioning of rentable web services and applications
  • TollGateTM is the first of the new generation of directory-enabled applications, and makes extensive use of Microsoft's Active Directory technology. Leveraging Active Directory allows TollGateTM to scale to millions of subscriber/users in its membership database.
  • Built-in replication services automatically update additional membership controllers as the subscriber base grows, and new servers are brought online. This lowers the cost-of-ownership component for Managed Services Providers using TollGateTM technology.
  • The TollGateTM Management Console provides an integrated control infrastructure for an Managed Services Provider's web site.
  • Functionality includes:
    • Membership and Personalization Services
    • Content Definition, Staging, and Deployment Services
    • Subscription Contract Definition and Maintenance Services
    • Customer Resource Management Services
    • Accounting Services
    • Monthly Billing Generation
    • Subscription Change Audit
    • Monthly Royalty Payment Generation
    • Monthly Commission Payment Generation
    • Web Site Analysis Services
    • Web Cluster Management Services
To minimize the training and adoption costs for the Application Service Provider marketplace, support for industry-based standards were given the highest priority in the design of TollGateTM. Broad industry acceptance of TollGateTM features such as Windows 2000 and Active Directory, means that xSP operators are less likely to encounter costly implementation delays.
  • TollGateTM supports Internet protocols such as TCP/IP, SSL 3.0, LDAP 3.0 and Kerberos Security. Your staff do not need to learn new technologies to implement TollGateTM.
  • TollGateTM defines a new standard for Subscriber Membership object definitions. This new standard is intended to be applicable to all software distribution over the Internet on a subscription basis. XML-based schemas for all of the TollGateTM objects are defined in the Reference Platform Specifications version 2.0. This document defines concepts such as: What is a subscriber, What does a subscription contract look like, and thus provides the documentation for utilizing TollGateTM as a reference platform for the conversion of legacy applications for the rental market.
  • TollGateTM has been designed to be easy to use. Training requirements are reduced or considerably lessened for those Managed Services Providers using our control program.
  • Task wizards make administrative activities as easy as 1-2-3. Master wizards link numerous task wizards together to perform more complex operations, such as setting up a new web application and preparing it for rental. Visual cues (color-coded icons, etc.) for the console operators, allow for at-a-glance status checks.
  • Many background tasks are automated, which relieves the administrative burden from the console operators.
  • Tight integration with Active Directory and the Windows 2000 operating system means a single data store for the maintenance and personalization of subscriber/users and their associated attributes such as roles and security. Because it becomes part of the operating system, there is a single user interface for operations staff to learn. This again contributes to a lower cost of ownership for those who use TollGateTM to control their websites.

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