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TollGateTM Competitive Advantages

Apps On The Web Inc. believes that to successfully compete in the Web Services and Application Infrastructure Management space, a product must possess several critical characteristics. It must be

  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Built using industry-accepted technologies and standards

There is a need for software to operate seamlessly irrespective of how wide the range of users may be. TollGateTM works with any number of users and can scale to the millions of subscribers to serve the needs of the largest Hoster.

TollGateTM provides a secure delivery model from start to finish. Its Membership Services functionality is predicated on authentication at the operating system level. Therefore Members are contained within Active Directory Security Groups. Active Directory is a highly scalable and secure product designed for large-scale geographically dispersed networks. It also allows for standardization, as it is part of the Windows 2000 operating system. Traditional applications utilize "home grown" membership data stores which place a tremendous operational burden on the Administrators to manage the disparate security models of each application. This type of proprietary data store is rarely based upon any standards.

TollGateTM Technical Layout

Integral to providing a manageable software infrastructure is the requirement to maintain a membership store of web services, applications, users, and the access rights of users. The right infrastructure solution needs to be built on a platform that has widespread acceptance and proven performance. Microsoft Windows 2000 and Active Directory is such a platform and together they have been tested to scale efficiently and effectively to manage more than 100 million business objects in a single domain. To date, no competing Directory Service has come anywhere near this benchmark. This is the platform TollGateTM is based upon.

Another critical element of the infrastructure is the database platform. Apps On The Web utilize Microsoft SQL Server 2000, which has been applauded for its performance and head turning scalability benchmarks.

All of these characteristics in our innovative product, the right mix of motivated hi-tech talent, plus opportunities for clients to realize significant cost savings are the sources of our competitive advantage.

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