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Benefits of TollGateTM To A Service Provider

The cost effective distribution of business services over the Internet will be predicated upon an efficient, reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure being available to the Organization hosting those applications. TollGateTM satisfies all of these criteria.

Service Provider Needs Our Solution
Integrated Administration  
An integrated control infrastructure for Service Provider web sites The TollGateTM Management Console
Administrative Support TollGateTM provides complete administrative support for the large-scale deployment of software and services over the Internet.
Self Provisioning TollGateTM allows client administrators and individuals to select additional software and services and increase the number of users, length of contract and functionality, through the client administrator functionality and catalogues.
Industry Standards  
A product that is based upon industry standards TollGateTM is designed to use industry-standard technologies to minimize the training and adoption costs for the hosting organization. Broad industry acceptance of TollGateTM features, such as support for Windows 2000 and Active Directory means that organizations can avoid costly implementation delays.
Lower Training Costs  
Single User Interface TollGateTM provides tight integration with Active Directory and Windows 2000 operating systems, which means there is a single data store for the maintenance and personalization of subscribers/users and their security. This translates into a single user interface for operations staff to learn.
Ease of Use The Task Wizards in TollGateTM make administrative activities as easy as 1-2-3. The Master wizards link numerous task wizards together to perform more complex operations. Many background tasks are automated to reduce administrative costs.
Marketing Support  
Support for flexible pricing options TollGateTM supports three unique pricing models and numerous variations to provide the broadest level of marketing flexibility imaginable.
Integrated modules TollGateTM provides integrated Customer Support and Engagement modules that combine to present a highly satisfying subscription experience for your clients.
Self Provisioning TollGateTM provides a LaunchPad for marketing, a Catalog to provide additional marketing information, and self-provisioning to allow customers to purchase online.
Customization/Flexibility TollGateTM supports customizable consumption of business services and "on the fly" subscription changes, which increases value to your users.
Integrated Security  
A stable security model TollGateTM subscribers are stored as network users in Active Directory, where they share all benefits of the rich security model afforded by Windows 2000.
Security Groups TollGateTM defined security groups and operating level security groups are one and the same. This provides an application architecture for future application integration which is unique in the marketplace.
Reliable Security Technology TollGateTM is compatible with various firewall technologies such as SSL 3.0. TollGateTM data is protected by NT security and encryption at the database level.
Support for a variety of Web Apps  
Support for different types of applications TollGateTM works best with distributed-component web applications where all aspects of its security model can be utilized. These high performance cluster-aware applications put the least strain on your website resources and are the preferred type of rental applications.
Rental of legacy applications TollGateTM can also be used to authenticate access to legacy applications through the use of technologies such as Citrix and other thin-client access methods.
Tools and documentation provided for developers who want to make their applications compliant TollGateTM has an Application Toolkit, which provides the documentation needed for developers to integrate with TollGateTM.

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