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Application Toolkit

The Application Toolkit provides functionality to enable organizations to effectively work with TollGateTM through various levels of integration. There are three methods of integration available for implementing the Application Toolkit.

Level 1 - Simple Directory Security
This is the lowest level of integration with TollGateTM, which is facilitated through the implementation of simple directory security. An application is installed on a central server and access is applied to the application executable. TollGateTM provides the simple directory security and the user is authenticated against Windows 2000. Simple directory security will generally be used for non-complex application services that do not require multi level security.

Level 2 - Current Subscriber Object (CSO) calls
The Current Subscriber Object is the most important part of the Application Toolkit. The TollGateTM Current Subscriber Object (CSO) describes the membership services that are available to the current user. Through the use of the atCurrentUser component and its associated methods, the CSO method of implementing the Application Toolkit provides a level of security significantly higher than that of simple directory security and is a mechanism that ensures only those individuals in specified roles have access to sensitive data. It contains all the functions required to provide information about the current user and will allow virtually any existing application to quickly and easily be controlled and delivered using TollGateTM.

Level 3 - Account Management Interface Development
This is the most integrated method of utilizing the features of TollGateTM. This solution will allow the Service Provider/ISV to expose certain parts of TollGateTM to the subscribers through a web-based interface like the TollGateTM Account Management System (TAMS) or through an application level interface, depending upon the desired complexity of the solution. Utilizing this level of interface with TollGateTM will allow application users to maintain their personal account information through a web browser, or through the subscribed-to application. Deploying applications with this level of integration allows organizations to provide numerous features including the ability to create, modify, or renew subscriptions, update account information, and perform various other business functions.
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