Web Services - Executive Briefing from OVUM
 Updated: 12/19/2002
An overview of what Web Services are and an expected implementation time line.

An Executive�s Guide to Web Services
 Updated: 12/6/2002
How to Optimize Web Services Investments-By Patricia Seybold Group

PSST... .NET'S Far Ahead of Rivals
 Updated: 12/6/2002
Ovum comments on the state of .NET

Product Description
Competitive Advantages
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Core Services

The TollGateTM Management Console provides an integrated control infrastructure for organizations to deploy application services. The TollGateTM Management Console forms the basis of the TollGateTM Program. It allows an operator to control all functionality that TollGateTM offers. There are five separate areas of functionality in the console:

Who Uses the Console?
  • TollGateTM Operators and TollGateTM Administrators (who are employees of the parties using the TollGateTM software). They are responsible for the content maintenance of the TollGateTM system.

Administration Services
Administration Services
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TollGateTM administrators use this service to monitor certain aspects of the TollGateTM program within a host organization. Management functions such as creating new TollGateTM Operators or Administrators, and validating signatures are available from the console.

Billing Services
Billing Services
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TollGateTM administrators use this service to export billing information. Management functions, such as exporting invoices, customer information and weblication information, are available from the console.

Content Definition Services
Content Definition Services
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TollGateTM enables modeling all of the elements needed in providing a service to corporate users and subscribing customers. TollGateTM includes a comprehensive set of resource tools and capabilities including:
  • Flexible Application & Price Modeling
    • Flat Fee
    • Flate Rate
    • Functional
  • The Management Of:
    • Purpose-built web applications
    • Thin-client applications
    • SOAP/XML applications
TollGateTM automatically provisions all applications, resources, and services to the end-user. The SOAP/XML Toolkit:
  • Allows virtually any modern web-enabled application to be governed by TollGateTM
  • Allows for the distribution of virtually any application developed using a modern language designed for delivery over the Internet

Membership Services
Membership Services - New Organization
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Membership Services - Properties Contact Information
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Membership Services - Properties Subscription
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Membership Services - Reports
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TollGateTM administrators use this service to monitor the Individual Subscribers and the Organizations that are subscribed to weblications. Important features of TollGate's Membership Services include:
  • Membership is based on Active Directory and LDAP
  • Allows for detailed configuration of many subscriber properties:
    • Application Preference
    • Security and Access Permissions
  • Contract and Billing Information
TollGateTM organizes subscriber/users into specialized security containers unique to TollGateTM. Individual subscribers are tied to their respective containers through the use of encrypted digital signatures linking both entities together. Unauthorized modifications of or tampering with users or their organizations results in an alteration of TollGateTM signatures which in turn removes access to applications and services.

Subscription Services
Subscription Services
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TollGateTM administrators use this service to monitor current and future subscriptions for Individual Subscribers or for Organizations. Features of TollGate's Subscription Management Services include:
  • Providing an xSP with an integrated solution to create and modify service offerings to satisfy each customer's need
  • Security Modes allow the xSP to grant or deny application access based on TollGateTM Security Groups
  • TollGateTM subscription auditing features provide the ISV with a more reliable measure of application usage
Flexible Subscription management allows the xSP to provide blanket access to users at the organization, organizational unit, or individual level.

TollGateTM provides support for several discount models, including number of users, duration of the subscription, and xSP defined discounts.

TollGateTM is designed to support multiple currencies and service delivery through multiple languages.

Any unauthorized subscription changes are recorded and instantly disable related objects through the use of digitally-encrypted signatures.

TollGateTM provides interaction with Value Added Resellers (VARs) by supporting royalties and commissions.

Design specifications for TollGateTM are projected at:
  • 10,000 to 20,000 Subscriber Organizations (per domain)
  • 2,000,000 to 5,000,000 Organizations and Individual Subscribers (per domain)
TollGateTM defines and enforces the interactions that are allowed between membership objects. Subscribers can never interact with or access data or other TollGateTM objects outside of their own containers (subscriber organizations). These containers act as "sandboxes" with well-defined protective boundaries to contain the subscriber/users within them. Subscribers may be moved at will between the various organizational units within their own container, but if moved from their own organization, all access rights automatically cease.

All TollGateTM activities and secure inter-services communications rely on an abstraction known as the Current Subscriber Object or CSO. The CSO represents the currently logged on subscriber/user from the perspective of the TollGateTM security subsystem. This object provides authentication, security group membership verification, access levels, and any other information required by the subscription process.

All functions of the TollGateTM CSO object are exposed to applications via a SOAP/XML interface that allows any web application to query for the current subscriber's attributes.

TollGateTM simplifies the process of adding new users and organizations through a friendly wizard-based GUI.

Accounting/Auditing Services
  • TollGateTM provides a robust accounting interface:
    • Based on XML
    • Will integrate with popular enterprise accounting packages such as Great Plains

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