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The emerging application services market will see intense competition for subscribers. Provisioning software services with non-scalable technology will present organizations with the significant business problems of cost effectively outfitting consumers with complex software technology. Consumers demand an environment where choosing software services is accomplished in a consistent, no hassle manner. Organizations demand an easy way of providing their employees with these services and to manage service access to the organizations content and data. TollGateTM was designed from the ground up to meet these requirements.

The LaunchPad is a TollGateTM Web Interface that allows TollGateTM subscribers to access their TollGateTM subscriptions. When users login, LaunchPad will provide the users with a list of Weblications that they have subscribed to or have access to. It will be accessible to all users including Individual Subscribers, Organization Administrators, Organization Contract Administrators, and Organization Users.

Legacy applications will be launched and used within the LaunchPad Legacy Viewer. TollGateTM and SOAP Weblications will be launched from their own domains.

The TollGateTM Account Management System (TAMS) allows for seamless integration between Apps On The Web, the Service Provider/ISV, and the client while facilitating the communication between TollGateTMand various accounting software applications such as Great Plains. It provides a manageable, fully auditable, and secure process for tracking all accounting, subscription, and customer service transactions. TAMS consists of specific data conversion, export and import functions, and interfacing modules that allow TollGateTM to effectively communicate subscription data to numerous applications through the utilization of platform-neutral communication tools and protocols such as XML and SOAP.

The ultimate goal of the TollGateTM Account Management System is to track, process, and deliver the subscription information required by the clients accounting application to generate, print, and deliver customer invoices. In addition, the functionality developed to achieve this goal will enable the accounting system to send critical accounting information such as customer account balances and other pertinent information back to TollGateTM. The rationale behind TollGateTM sending this information to the clients accounting application is to utilize the accounting application´┐Żs accounting expertise, while still allowing TollGateTM to be easily customized to adapt to the various software applications and platforms.
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