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TollgateTM As A Reference Platform

A major impediment to the rapid adoption of a technology platform such as TollGateTM is the perception that applications other than those created using Microsoft web technologies cannot easily interface with it. The reality is that TollGateTM exposes its security and membership services to any application that can generate and respond to XML messages. The protocol that enables this to happen is called SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). SOAP was designed to facilitate communication between the major object protocols used by developers today (COM+, Corba, EJB). SOAP uses industry standard technologies such as HTTP and XML to provide a schema for Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs). SOAP was developed by a consortium, which includes IBM, Microsoft and other major players.

What this means to developers hoping to port their web applications over to the TollGateTM platform is that with minimal effort they can configure their applications to participate in our security and subscription model. TollGateTM is designed to be a reference platform for software vendors looking to deploy their applications over the Internet. It provides a consistent presentation of the subscription process and manages security, scalability, reliability, and ease of use.

Integration with TollGateTM is accomplished through the use of the TollGate Application Toolkit. Apps On The Web has also developed an HTML-based TollGateTM Account Management System (TAMS) which allows any client with an HTML compliant web browser to utilize the full functionality of TollGateTM over any existing Internet connection.

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