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TollGateTM Technology

TollGateTM is a Service Provider Enabling Platform, providing a complete management and transaction-processing infrastructure. It is built using current technology and industry standards viz. Windows 2000 and Active Directory, SQL, VB, JAVA, XML, SOAP, and LDAP.

Many organizations are presenting traditional business application functionality over the web using transitional technologies such as those provided by thin-client.

While this appears on the surface to be an excellent way to bring business applications to the web, it is a short- term solution at best. Most of this software was built during the pre-Internet era, and does not stand up well to a close scrutiny of scalability, flexibility, or most of all security metrics.

TollGateTM can control access to this transitional technology. As well, it was designed with the next generation of Internet Services and applications in mind. These new services are smaller, faster and more secure than their predecessors. They are purpose-built for distribution over the Internet on a subscription basis. Tight integration with the underlying operating system and the web servers is a hallmark of these new directory-enabled web application.

TollGateTM will continue to grow and offer greater functionality and value to the customers of Apps On The Web. We are continually developing new ways to offer control and flexibility. We envision selling TollGateTM to two distinct groups of customers: the Enterprise or their Service Provider, and the Independent Software Vendor (ISV). The Enterprise market is demanding different solutions to meet their emerging requirements. As a result, we have product offerings to match each customer segment.

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